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18th August

We took a deep breath and tried to get back to civilisation, hoping the car wouldn’t run out of gas on the way. We were at least four hours away fromthe closest hotel. On the map we had loaded earlier,there was one city ; “Ciudad Insurgentes” that possibly had places to sleep in. The city was as depressing as it sounds. Once we got there, the first motel was closed. Luckily, the only other one was open,saving us from sleeping in the car. It was 9pm, there were creepy naked baby dolls on the tables in the reception. I asked for the nicest room. It was 25 dollars. The manager handed me a key and a remote control for the TV but had to show me to the room to switch the air conditioning on as there was only one remote for the whole establishment. The room was expectedly quite drab but at least we had a bed to sleep in, infact there were in fact two double beds. Our only concern was the car that had taken quite a beating during our escapade in the desert. Once we got our suitcases in the room, we went to the hot dog joint downstairs and sat next to a group of Mexican guys who seems to be ready to take Ciudad Insurgentes by storm. On the TV, the news dubbed Donald Trump in Spanish then showed avery dramatic montage about a mysterious Grindr criminal terrifying the gay community of Mexico city this summer , "El gotero de Grindr”.

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