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The Baja Diaries

In my years as a travel writer, I have often wondered about the role of authenticity in my work. How truthful could I really be when I am paid to write about a city I’ve never wanted to go to ? When most of the time I am writing from my bed in Paris ? Where is the room for surprise when every hotel and restaurant was picked out for me months in advance ? How much of myself can I reveal when trying to appeal to families with children ?


Expressing myself online did not feel like a viable option either. The pressure is on to share a carefully conducted performance on a staged set where the sun always shines, the meals look delicious and definitely won’t make you sick. Reality can’t fit in perfectly curated grids bidding for outside validation. That’s just the nature of still images.


I have been keeping diaries for over two decades, and I believe them to be the most reliable transcriptions of my memories. This book is the first of a series chronicling trips I have taken in recent years.


My book, the Baja diaries contains extracts from my personal diary and pictures from the month of August 2018 as I was travelling in Baja California and Mexico City.


Shop the Baja diaries here.

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